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Techno Drums - 129 Versatile One Shots

Meticulously crafted collection of 129 one-shot samples, including claps, crashes, FX, hi-hats, kicks, percussions, snares, and synth bass. Enjoy the flexibility of 16 ready-to-use kits or dive deeper into creating unique rhythms and sounds tailored to your needs.

Elektron A4 MKII – Synth One Shots

Explore "Elektron A4 MKII – Synth One Shots" – a meticulously crafted collection of 328 synth one-shots, including 282 bass and 102 synth sounds, all recorded in the key of C3 with 48 kHz, 24-bit quality. Perfect for drum machines, samplers, and DAWs.

Future Rhythms - Techno Sphere

Explore "Future Rhythms - Techno Sphere" – a meticulously curated collection of 10 Drum Kits with 89 drum loop stems, 79 one shots, all at 130 BPM. Perfect for modern techno producers looking to craft powerful rhythms and pulse-pounding tracks. Available exclusively on Landr.

Elektron - Model:Cycles One-Shots

This collection of 555 one-shot samples includes a diverse array of sounds recorded with the Elektron Model:Cycle. Each folder contains meticulously recorded and processed one-shot samples, offering a rich palette of sounds to enhance your music production.

RAW Techno Beats

Explore "RAW Techno Beats" – an exclusive collection of 25 drum kits with individual stems, designed for underground techno. 214 files at 126 BPM. Available only on Landr.

 - Atmospheric Drone FX

Explore "Dronez – Atmospheric Drone FX" – a meticulously crafted sample pack with 60 atmospheric files at 130 BPM. Perfect for adding depth and dimension to your techno tracks. Available exclusive now on Landr.

Techno Substance - Bass Sequence

Explore "Techno Substance - Bass Sequence" – an exquisite collection of intricately textured bass and synth loops at 125 BPM. Perfect for adding depth and complexity to your techno tracks. Available now on Landr.

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